I've finally made my Wishlist for the New Year. It's been a while since I've been on my blog and I've decided to be more active from now on. It's one of my new year's resolutions. And I'm starting by creating my wishlist which will be quite a task to complete. We'll see how it goes ;).

1)MICHAEL KORS Chronograph Watch, Shiny Golden ...I've been eyeing this watch since I saw Whitney Port wearing a similar one. It's definitelt number one on my list.
My dream watch

2)Cartier love ring (I've wanted this ring for about 3 months. I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing it on her show and it immediately caught my eye. I lov eit but it is incredibly pricey and its one of the items I think I wouldn't be able to fulfill unfortunately :(. Unless someone is nice enough to give it to me as a gift :) My birthday is coming up soon - February 21st <3 Because of its price, I might just have to stick to buying a standard gold band ring, However, I can't find any online. If you've seen a gold band ring please let me know. I'll be soo happy

a girl can dream

3) Casio SLR camera (this is one of the important things on my list, however because I'm in college I don't think I'd have a lot of time exploring with it, so I think I'd just get a standard camera which can also take gorgeous pictures') Again if you know of any really good small, portable camera, please let me know.

4) ugg slippers...he he he. the city that I go to college has some of the worst winters and snow so it'd come in handy. I'm actually not a fan of uggs but since I moved to the U.S for university, particularly the 'cuse', I've been bombarded with them that I don't see them as ugly anymore. They're still not the shoes of choice but they are incredibly comfy. When I lived in London though, I never owned a pair. Oh well! I like them now

5) So this is where the college girl in me comes in....lol ....Ready for number 5........ 'A hookah'. I've never tried it before, should be fun right!!! flavored smoke- thats all it is. Besides, some of the hookah's I've seen, have the most beautiful designs on them so it'd also act as decoration for my apartment.

6)Wii nintendo - I absolutely love playing the wii. can't wait to get my hands on one.

7) Mac laptop- This is a must as I need it for school. I have a HP laptop and it is great I must say. Because the programs are easy to use, I know my way round it when a problem occurs. However, HP battery life SUCKS!!! I hate that aspect of it because I spent last semester writing essays and my computer was always overheated.

I've a couple more on the list but I'll update it asap..

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